Rooms per hour in haifa – Dayuse in haifa

There is a trend all over the world of regular rooms or apartments that become

places that tourists from all world can use that service and stay in that apartment

in all his vacation, in israel it’s called: HADARIM LEFI SHAA and if we translate it for

you it’s: ROOMS BY HOUR or DAYUSE or you name it.

That kind of service in israel gives for a couple the option to hang up and feel their emotions

without any interruption!


for tourists that kind of rooms give them the option of b&b in a cheap price that goes around 20$ per one hour.

most of the rooms are prestigious and provide all the things that people need and want.

Haifa it’s a main city in northen israel with a lot of open and close malls, it’s very close to main sites

that are saints for all the religions so the staying in haifa is very popular.

we recommend you a few apartments in haifa that can provide your needs so all you need is to

find DISCRET website and start planning your staying in israel.

Rooms Per Hour in Haifa